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Fire alarm services


A fire protection system needs to be fully operational at all times if it is to provide complete protection

Over time, smoke detectors become less sensitive, standby batteries in control panels become weak and general faults can develop.

The sensitivity of detectors on a poorly maintained or neglected fire alarm system may result in the system not going into alarm condition should a fire develop, and that could be deadly. Regular checks are essential to fire alarm system maintenance

Periodic testing of fire alarm systems is a requirement for a local authority fire certificate.

Our Fire alarm maintenance contracts allow us to regularly visit your property in order to carry out comprehensive testing, maintenance and repairs as necessary,

giving you peace of mind knowing your alarm system is working perfectly at all times.

Fire Alarm Testing

A well designed and working fire alarm will give enough warning to save lives and hopefully allow fire fighters enough time to limit property damage. Periodic testing, backed up by regular user checks will ensure that the system is functioning normally.

Tests Carried Out

All smoke and heat detectors will be tested for functionality.

Bells and sounders will be operated and assessed to ensure that they provide sufficient sound levels in all areas.

Fire panels, their batteries and all cable joints where accessible will be checked for integrity and functionality.

Test Results

Asset Register (inventory of all items tested,together with locations)

Test Data (results of tests carried out)

Detailed instructions to client regarding interim testing requirements (and method of achieving them)

Log Book (document for client to record all interim routine tests and any remedial actions required)

Design & installation

We firstly design the system by doing a complete site survey to see what is needed, this allows us to fully meet your requirements and to make sure you are fully protected.

We will then discuss the specification and possible options making sure all aspects are taken into account.

Once the design and specification are agreed upon, we will install the system with minimum disruption to you. We fully test each system to make sure its in full working order before we finish.

The failure of just one component could put the entire system in jeopardy and you may not even notice until a fire breaks out.