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Electrical Testing

Our electrical testing and inspection team understand electrical testing regulations inside-out and can carry out comprehensive periodic inspections to ensure your premises and appliances are fully compliant at all times.


Our engineers will ensure All aspects of the electrical installation are inspected and tested for strength, integrity and compliance with the IEE Regulations

Not only will any faults or defects found be recorded but where possible, suggestions for cost effective solutions will be included. Thereby enabling you to accurately and cost effectively target any required remedial work to bring the system up to a safe standard.

Following completion of testing, the results are presented in a high quality report which includes the following documentation: -

Test Results

Periodic inspection certificate

Detailed circuit assessment sheets

Survey report (general site faults)

Survey report (specific faults, locations & suggested solutions relating to distribution boards and circuits)

Dangerous conditions report forms (copy handed to a site representative at time of test)

Dangerous conditions report forms (copy included with report)

Test Data

According to regulations, “duty holders are responsible

for setting up adequate maintenance programmes and must assess the needs and frequency requirement of testing, maintaining and monitoring electrical systems and equipment”.

An electrical installation is the wiring system of a building from the mains position to items of electrical equipment, sockets, light fittings and everything in between and is the system in which all the electrical equipment is, or may be, electrically connected to a common source of electrical energy.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

A portable appliance is classed as “any piece of equipment which can be connected to the common supply by means of a plug and socket arrangement (be it 13-amp or any other)”.

It must be maintained to be safe at all times. Testing of portable appliances is also referred to as plug testing, pat testing, or simply P.A.T.

our PAT test engineers have a great deal of experience of working within most environments. They are able to carry out testing quickly and efficiently whilst causing the absolute minimum of disruption to the daily activities of your staff and business.

We will carry out minor remedial work at the time of test, such as change incorrectly sized fuses, remake, or replace damaged plug-tops if required, thereby enabling us to pass otherwise unnecessarily "Failed" appliances. Also, having agreed appropriate test intervals with you, we will even remind you before your next test becomes due.